A New Screenplay and Robert Benton...

The polish for Cole went well. By well, I guess I mean I haven't heard any unkind words from the producers. Every time I turn in a new draft, I expect them to say, "What the hell, kid? You're sure you're a writer?" Nope, not sure at all.

I finished a new screenplay and have sent it out to my Canadian friends for a story edit--thanks Peter and Elaine!--it's 98 pages and that's about all I feel comfortable with mentioning at the moment.

I also got a chance to see Robert Benton speak at the Seattle International Film Festival. The man's got a lot of depth to him. It was in a theater with about 50 other people and I got to sit 20 feet away from him and was pretty much transfixed the whole time (not in a creepy Kathy Bates in Misery way either). He showed us some clips from his upcoming movie Feast of Love and explained how combining Charles Baxter (the author and a character in the novel) and Saul, a Jewish professor, into Morgan Freeman's character was the best move he'd ever made Interesting stuff.