Sleepless available now...

Here is a video of the first produced short script I ever wrote... now available on the internet, eh. enjoy.

Happy Holidays!


This is pretty funny...

If you want to see a picture of me and a ringing endorsement of the Vancouver Film School, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Kudos to Jessica for taking the fantastic picture.


Snowed in...

So Jessica and I were driving up to Vancouver yesterday in eager anticipation of Cole's big screen debut for cast and crew... and we hit a wall of snow about 40 miles into the trip. Cars on the side of the road, freeway indistinguishable from freeway ditch. So we didn't make it, which is a little frustrating.

Good news is though, Dylan and Kimani found a director for Northbridge: Lynne Stopkewich. She's known for her controversial and film festival darling indie films Kissed and Suspicious River, and her directing work on the TV show "The L Word."

Last Saturday, I met up with Lynne, Dylan and Kimani last weekend over dinner, and then spent all day Sunday with Lynne scouring over the script and planning a rewrite. Now I'm 20 pages into the rewrite and pooping-my-pants excited about how great this film is going to be.

At least all the snow is setting the tone for the rewrite...