The Black Hole in the Kitchen

Here it is, the full short film version of "The Black Hole in the Kitchen." Kudos to Elliot for being such a fine director, and to the actors and crew-- it's always amazing to have talented folks make my words into something better than they have any right to become.

I hope you viewers enjoy the melodrama...

The Black Hole in the Kitchen from Elliot Eustis on Vimeo.


Mike McLaughlin talks about his greatness

Check out this interview with Mike McLaughlin, superb director of two of my short films.

I have no doubt he will kill at the Much Music Awards. Watch his nominated video below. I like it.

Cole at the Leos

Congratulations to Chad Willett for picking up the Leo Award for Best Supporting Actor last Saturday. Read about the festivities here.

Also, big ups to Cole's 'b' camera operator Steven Deneault whose short film "The Gray Matter" won a whole boatload of awards.

Thank you to the whole Cole family for being so damn awesome.


Adventures with Zissou on my mind

I have added a link to my email on the left hand side of this little blogspot. Please let me know if you know of any place in Seattle to get good chicken wings. I searched all of the restaurant reviews on the interweb and the top result was a resounding "none." You can also contact me if you have questions about screenwriting or anything else that might be on your mind.

Off to the Leo Awards tonight and then script meetings tomorrow... In the words of the great Steve Zissou, "This is an adventure."