A Monster Appendix

The test screening for Cole is now slated for September 16th so that they can go to the Toronto IFF and do things filmies do.

In other news, I did have my appendix out early last Friday morning. Here is a brief e-mail exchange I had with an energy drink company regarding the situation:

Last week, my girlfriend and I moved into a new apartment and I was left to much of the heavy lifting. I have only had a handful of energy drinks in my life, but I was feeling zapped and thirsty and so I had a [x company's energy drink]  both days of our move. This was my first time trying your product. The [x company's energy drink] gave me energy, no doubt, but the following day, I had an awful stomachache and 24 hours later I went to the emergency room and had to have my appendix taken out. [x company's energy drink] was the only new thing I introduced to my diet that week--so a part of me associates drinking [x company's energy drink] with getting an appendectomy. Is there anything you can do to ease my concerns? Thank you for your time. Feel free to call me on my cell phone number above.



Thanks for visiting the [x company's energy drink] website.
Due to the technical nature of your question, I have forwarded you e-mail to Dr. [deleted name], Technical Director to the [x company's energy drink] Company. He will contact you direct to answer your question.
We appreciate your further patience and understanding in this matter.

[deleted name] @ [x company's energy drink]


I will be sure to update the status of my complaint as soon as I hear from Dr. [deleted name].


Appendix Free...

I got my appendix out Thursday. I'm okay, and thankfully everything worked out okay (I plan on posting more on it in a couple of days)... on to industry news...

  • Check out this poster for A Change of Fate that the amazing Laura Walker mocked up for me: 
  • While in surgery, I got another message from an agent responding to my query for A Change of Fate--two responses out of 56 isn't bad, is it? Anyway, I just finished my rewrite about a half hour ago and plan on sending out the script tomorrow... fingers crossed.
  • They are tentatively planning on having a test screening for Cole this Thursday! I'll go up to Vancouver to see it. I'm a little nervous, but I guess it's out of my hands at this point, right?


Catching up...

So it's been a couple of weeks since I posted, so bullet points are always the best way to update things:

  • My name is on the New York Times website! Check it out here.
  • I have been working like crazy on a new script- I had a draft done a couple of weeks ago and then I got contact from an agent in California saying that she was interesting, so I spent the past two days writing and writing and writing... My brain is fried but I think I'm on to something pretty good. Here is the logline for the new script (I'd love to hear thoughts and or questions): A psychic teenage boy knows the exact time and date and of his death, an event he expects and welcomes. However, when he discovers that there are things in the world worth living for, he struggles to change his fate.
  • Keith Rivers, who helped direct and produce "Nowhere Man," and I are working on getting a Cold Reading Series started up in Seattle. Writers submit scripts, actors read the scripts live, cold, in front of an audience. We have a meeting tomorrow for a location- hopefully we can bring some more film community excitement to Seattle.