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I have a Hollywood.com page now! You can see it by clicking here. See the Cole the movie Hollywood.com page here. It seems like Hollywood.com is imdb.com's illegitimate third cousin, but it's still pretty cool. 

I've been in Phoenix for the past couple of days visiting Jessica's family and friends. When I get back, I have a spec feature that needs to be finished (I can probably get it done in about 4 weeks), and a TV series pitch to put together. I'm also going up to Vancouver in a couple of weeks to see a rough cut of Cole. I may have to do some voiceover rewrites, but other than that, I'm told it looks great. While I'm up there, there will also be a Northbridge meeting. Dylan is very excited about the prospective cast, which is coming together swimmingly. 

All in all, things are pretty good. 


Pictures from Lytton

Here are a couple of pictures from the time we spent on set in Lytton, BC. There are 350 in the town and you can't drink the water because of high turbidity. The wind was consistently about 35-40mph the whole time and it was pretty effing cold. Richard de Klerk, aka Cole, the star of the movie, thinks that this film will feature the hardest nipples since Batman Forever

View from the production office. The Fraser River and Thompson rivers meet here and create the two different colors. Maybe this causes the turbidity. 

Your humble screenwriter riding the best prop of the film.

Daniel Bolieau, aka George the Lawnmower Man, shows his badassness. Funny story, I was talking with Daniel after this scene and then went back to my motel room to watch some basketball/nap. A Canadian Tire commercial awoke me from sleep: where none other than Daniel Bolieau as the Canadian Tire Man told everyone how awesome his power tools were. I thought I was dreaming. Let me tell you: it was no dream.

Michael Eisner, aka Frogger, gets his hands taped for an Edward 40hands scene. Michael is amazing as Cole's best friend. Script Supervisor Joecy told me about a scene where Carl Bessai asked Michael to look at the camera like it was Cole, his best friend. Joecy said that Michael's eyes almost made her cry. He'll win some Juno awards for sure. 

Director Carl Bessai does his best to blend in with nature.

Golfing by the river. Chad Willett, aka Bobby tees off while John Stewart in the blue shirt (Deebo), Michael Eisner and Daniel Bolieau look on. Chad was in Alive, so I had to ask (during lunch no less) what they used on set when they ate people in the movie. The answer? Turkey jerky. I love movies. 



Cole wrapped on Saturday! Jessica and I had a chance to visit the set in Lytton from Wednesday to Friday and even though the wind was gusting, the experience was wonderful. I'll put up pictures soon, and guess what? I have a cameo. I'm no Alfred Hitchcock--I just tried my best not to look at the camera. Pictures are coming soon...

The Vancouver Province ran an article about Cole this weekend. Click here to read it.

Also, I have an update on my imdb.com page. Click here to see what my next project is. Exciting times!


Cole & Rampart

Cole is everywhere! (sort of). Check out the website for Rampart Films. Rampart is co-producing Cole with Titlecard. You can check out trailers featuring Richard de Klerk, star of Cole. Have I mentioned Cole is a real movie? I feel like Max Fischer right now. 

Here is a poster for the film:

Did I mention I wrote this? Awesome.  


Here are some cool pictures from the first two days of filming. You can also visit the movie's official website here

Carl Bessai, director extraordinaire, sets up for his first shot of the film. "May the critics not pan us," were his first words before saying "action."
Steven E. Miller (Professor Jackson) and Richard De Klerk (Cole) rehearse for their scene.

Richard and Kandyse McClure (Serafina) stroll through campus. The green pick-up is Cole's car for the film. 

Carl, Kandyse, Richard and Jack Forrester (Rocket) rehearse. 

Rehearsal comes to life. (Notice the color change in the blanket--they had to switch because their wardrobe didn't fit with a blue blanket. It looked like they had no legs and I did not write a movie about the legless.)

Richard and I listen to script supervisor Joecy tell a story about Tim Allen. Producer Jason James texts someone (but probably not about Tim Allen). 

Richard and Kandyse kiss for the first time. 


In Focus Interview

Click here to read the feature that Vancouver Film School wrote about me and Cole (Pictures are included!).