Bessai Talks Cole avec Nouveau Cinema Montreal

Here's a nice little video of Carl Bessai talking about Cole on Skype to preview our film for the nouveau cinema fest in Montreal. The "young man from Michigan" he mentions is me (I hope).



What a week!

Just got back to Seattle from Vancouver last night... Cole screened on Thursday to a sold out theater and then on Friday to a healthy matinee crowd at the huge Visa Screening Room. Even though this is a biased POV, it seemed that the audience received the film well.

The best part of the early weekend for me was the continuing generosity from the cast, crew and producers who welcomed me as part of the Cole family, allowing me to participate in the Q&As and making me feel like I belonged. I especially wanted express my gratitude to Rampart Films and Rampart Capital, whose unwavering generosity has made this whole unforgettable experience possible.

Not only has Cole won best Canadian Feature at the Atlantic Film Festival, but we received a five star review from the Edmonton Vue Weekly (read the review here).

These small achievements boost the self-esteem up a notch as I face an exciting Northbridge rewrite and the daunting task of writing wedding vows (Two weeks from today I get hitched to the beautiful JLG-- two weeks!).