So a lot of great stuff has been happening lately, and strangely, my least priority has been to blog about it. So here's a quick run down:

1. It actually looks like Cole is going to be made! I'm headed up to Vancouver Easter weekend to meet with the director and actors for a table read. I don't want to give out the names yet, but as far as Canadian celebrity goes, everyone involved is pretty big time.

2. I'm currently involved in this great short story writing contest run by nycmidnight.com. The initial contest was that you got a genre and a subject assigned to you and then had a week to write a 2500 word story. There were about 550 total entries divided into thirty heats, and I was assigned Genre: Historical Fiction, Subject: Sewing. My story won first place (there were something like 46 total finalists) and got to move on to the final round. We received our assignment last night (Genre: Ghost Story, Subject: Salesman or saleswoman) and were given 24 hours to write another 2500 word story, which I just turned in 2 hours ago. The winners are announced in two weeks? Three weeks? I don't know. All pertinent info is on nycmidnight.com.

So, the next two posts will be the stories I wrote for the contest. I hope they are easy reads.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!