Snowed in...

So Jessica and I were driving up to Vancouver yesterday in eager anticipation of Cole's big screen debut for cast and crew... and we hit a wall of snow about 40 miles into the trip. Cars on the side of the road, freeway indistinguishable from freeway ditch. So we didn't make it, which is a little frustrating.

Good news is though, Dylan and Kimani found a director for Northbridge: Lynne Stopkewich. She's known for her controversial and film festival darling indie films Kissed and Suspicious River, and her directing work on the TV show "The L Word."

Last Saturday, I met up with Lynne, Dylan and Kimani last weekend over dinner, and then spent all day Sunday with Lynne scouring over the script and planning a rewrite. Now I'm 20 pages into the rewrite and pooping-my-pants excited about how great this film is going to be.

At least all the snow is setting the tone for the rewrite...