The Docket

So, this guy has been very busy lately. Here's a couple of things that are happening:

  1. I reached another rewrite agreement with the guys at Titlecard Pictures, so director Lynne is driving down to Seattle on Thursday and we're spending two days at the Silver Cup Coffee offices working on a strategy for the next Northbridge draft.
  2. My best pal Elliot is developing my short script "The Black Hole in the Kitchen" in Minneapolis. "Black Hole" is about what happens when a middle-age couple discovers a black hole in their kitchen (duh) and must come to terms with life, love and the unknown...
  3. Spending much time on a very elaborate (zombie) Valentine for fiancee Jessica and loving every minute of it.
  4. Working on a feature heist script with Sean Minogue, Canadian screenwriter extraordinaire and VFS classmate (the first time I've written with someone else), which is coming along swimmingly.
And then some.


enntee said...
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Rene said...

Fellow VFS survivor living here in Vancouver. I like the blog, keep it coming!