Good news

So you know that story I just posted, this one? It won the short story contest. Pretty nice, eh. I get free copyrights for a year, so if anyone needs something copyrighted, I'm your guy. I'm more than happy to help out.

You can see the results for the nycmidnight.com short story challenge here.


Anonymous said...

Two years in a row, top spot! Time to teach in a university, eh?

Rene said...

Hey, that's awesome.

How long did that story take you to write?

Zang said...

Thanks for reading... "Clockwise" was written in 24 hours, and "George, Louise... Elsa" was written in a week.

Rene said...

No worries. Like to keep track of fellow VFS survivors.

I can never write anything that quickly. Impressive.