The Not Knowing

I am learning from screenwriting is that no matter how many projects you have, there will always be great amounts of waiting, big black holes of time that might drive a person crazy.

I currently have three screenplays in various stages of development.

1. Northbridge. This script I’ve been working since the summer of 2006 is undergoing a final polish before sending it out to actors. I have notes up until page 34 on the polish, which I have integrated into the script. I am waiting for the rest.

2. The End of the World (as she knows it). I completed a draft where I took out all of the wheelchairs and sent it out to the company from Hollywood who is showing interest. I’m waiting for it to be read again.

3. Cold War Portrait. A heist film set in the early 1960s I’m writing with Sean Minogue. We finished a draft we are finally happy with and sent it out to be story edited. I am waiting for notes to come back.

Should I start another screenplay while I wait? Maybe I’ll just throw some TNT Pop-Its! on the sidewalk and enjoy a cocktail on this 4th of July and try not to go crazy…

While you wait you can always watch the Cole trailer here. It’s a movie I wrote and we’re waiting to see what festivals it will play at this fall…