New Things

So, this writer now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. It is definitely better for sanity than Seattle.

A couple of movie ideas that have been floating around in my mind:

1. A zombie movie based loosely on Dante's Inferno
2. Something to do with my childhood. When I played baseball with my friends in the backyard, the oak tree was designated as first base, the rock was second base, and the pot plant was third base.
3. I think it would be great to write something about people who fall into a bundle of illegal money and have to figure out how to smuggle it out of the country. How would YOU do this? How do you get fake passports/make it work/survive without any experience or connections?


Em said...

Hrrm. Number 3 reminds me a little of the book "Millions". In all honesty I'm probably too dumb to know what to do with so much money, let alone how to smuggle it out of the country. How would you do it, Mr Zang?

Also number 1 sounds very neat.