A trailer...

Here's a trailer for "Sleepless," a short film I wrote. It's directed by Mike McLaughlin. He's from Edmonton, found funding and filmed it all there. The full short should be available in a couple of weeks. I'll post it when it comes out.

Here's a journal entry from December:

December 3rd, 2006

Collingwood says the contract is being sent tomorrow. At least I’ll get something in the bank and I can move back out west. I need a piece of shit car and a place to live. I’ll probably end up working for a non-profit in Seattle—Greenpeace or Washington Citizen Action—more hippies! Maybe I can get work doing script coverage for somebody in Vancouver. It’s tough being an American working in the Canadian film industry.

I’ve been procrastinating on “The Untitled Project About a Brother and Sister.” I’ve written a treatment for the first act and can’t get myself together to move on. I’ve been watching episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and dodging cats instead.