Signing the contract...

From December 19th, 2006:

The lawyer looked at the contract. Everything checked out, except for a couple of small details.

(At this point I detailed some points in the contract I wanted changed, Dylan countered with an offer, and I accepted. Can't include the exact e-mail exchange here because I don't want to get in a legal mess... that and I don't want people to know how much I was hosed. Just kidding... maybe).

I’m moving out to Seattle after New Year’s to be closer to Vancouver and get out of Michigan. Lamont found a place that has a swimming pool and a hot tub and a pool table. Yee-haw. I can’t seem to finish Northbridge. Stuck on the ending. I’m frustrated. It’ll come… It’ll come…

December 26th, 2006

Merry Christmas! I signed the new option contract and the check is in the mail.

I bought a used car, a 94 Escort Wagon. I call her the “White Shadow.” She should be able to get me out to Seattle. I’m staying with friends in Chicago and Minneapolis on my way out. Don’t know anyone in Montana or Wyoming so I might have to drive that one straight through.

Time to finish Northbridge. I’m inspired. More later.