Now a Professional Writer...

Holy moley, a lot of things have happened over the past couple of weeks. From my experience, the best way to handle this sort of situation is to create a bulleted list. So here goes:

1. "Sleepless," the ten minute short film I wrote got accepted into the Edmonton International Film Festival. Congratulations are due to director/prodigy Mike McLaughlin for making it happen.

2. My big sister got married! I spent a week in Michigan and was even an usher in the wedding. I did a little bit of ushering and a lot of wedding cake eating. This is big sister and husband:

3. I moved into a new place with my girlfriend. We can see the Space Needle from our window.

This is her:

Yes, I do live in a cartoon world.

4. I optioned Northbridge to Collingwood. Which means I am now considered a professional screenwriter (due to monetary funds agreed upon and furnished in contracts). So Title Card Pictures is taking Cole and Northbridge to the Toronto International Film Festival for script meetings.

Again, Neil Every helped me immensely with this script and he helped make it what it is. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a buyer on our own for it. I owe Neil for everything he's done to get the script to this point and hopefully Title Card will make it into the picture it deserves to be.

5. Time for bed.


Unknown said...

Hey Zang, good luck with your writing. Do check out my blog when you have the time:



ahja said...

Whoa those are big bullet points. Congratulations to you and a little to me. It is fun being married. Even Funner being a PRFESSIONAL, I'll bet.I want more details as they come.....

nbullsa said...

Good stuff. Things sound like they're going well out west, congrats. I hope you're coping with the recent loss of Sam back to the east (I think).

Go Bulls.

Anonymous said...

That's really awesome!
If you ever need a place to crash in LA, I have a couch and DirectTv at your disposal.