Maia and Jonah go to Canada

Been awhile since I posted--working a 9-5 and trying to write in my spare time is wearing me down... but good news! Mike, very talented director of my short film "Sleepless," wants to work with me to get a Canadian grant for my feature script Maia and Jonah--a love story about a disappearing boy and an exploding girl.

This means a couple of things: 1. A rewrite is needed to clarify some confusing plot points and 2.) a rewrite is needed to change the settings all to Canada.

The two major settings are Michigan and Haiti--Michigan is easy, but Haiti? There aren't many tropical beaches in Canada, not to mention Haitians.

Mike and I are passing thoughts back and forth. The rewrite needs to be done by December to get the grant--everything will be all right... I hope.