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Exclamation points seem to be the only fitting way to explain my life right now. Normally, I can't stand them(!) but now... I can't think of anything else to say. I will try to cover life in bullet points to make things easier:

  • Cole is currently in its third day of production(!). I was fortunate enough to be on set at the University of British Columbia. On Monday, we shot 7 3/8 pages of classroom scenes and on Tuesday, we shot 8 pages of exteriors on the beautiful campus. Samantha, who is in charge of filming the behind the scenes doc, came up to me yesterday and said I looked very happy. It's true, I couldn't stop smiling all day. And I got a sunburn. I will post some pictures and more about the experience soon... You can see the cast on the imdb.com page here, and check out the Cole the Movie page here.

  • My interview about my prize winning story, "Raising Awareness," is now posted on the NYC Midnight website here.

  • "Sleepless," is playing at the Seattle True Independant Film Festival on June 10th. I will be doing a short Q&A after the screening, so for those of you in Seattle, it would be awesome to have your support. You can buy tickets here.