Very Exciting Times...

The official shooting schedule for Cole is set! We start filming in Vancouver May 26th, shoot for a week and then move out to Lytton for the remainder. The scheduled wrap is June 14th. I plan on being there for about half the shoot and will see if I can post some pictures from the set. 

As Dylan says, this is very exciting times. 

In other very exciting news, NYC Midnight presented me with my grand prize check at the Seattle Film Race at the Egyptian Theater on Wednesday. I also had cornflake chocolate and a Sprite. I met some cool guys from Microsoft too. 

"Sleepless" is playing at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival June 10th at 6:15pm. I am told I will be doing a Q&A after the screening, so I will escape from Lytton and drive down to Seattle for that.  

Very Exciting Times.