Seattle 48 Hour Film Project

Keith Rivers, who I met at the Diesel Film Racing Tour, contacted me last week and asked me to write for their group for the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project this weekend. 

We got our assignment Friday night (Genre: Suspense/Thriller, Prop: Nail File, Character: Mike or Meg Jordache member of the paparazzi, and line of dialogue: "What time do you get off?")

I basically stayed up all night Friday writing the script and turned it over to the crew Saturday morning. I just saw a rough cut over at the Microsoft editing studios and it looks pretty good. Our composer is putting together a pretty ridiculous score that should make the film something unique. 

If you're in Seattle, "Nowhere Man" is screening this Tuesday (7/15) at 6:30pm at the Neptune Theater on 45th. Click here for directions and more info about the 48 Hour Film Project. 

I'll post more when the film is available online.