Going Hollywood(.com)

I have a Hollywood.com page now! You can see it by clicking here. See the Cole the movie Hollywood.com page here. It seems like Hollywood.com is imdb.com's illegitimate third cousin, but it's still pretty cool. 

I've been in Phoenix for the past couple of days visiting Jessica's family and friends. When I get back, I have a spec feature that needs to be finished (I can probably get it done in about 4 weeks), and a TV series pitch to put together. I'm also going up to Vancouver in a couple of weeks to see a rough cut of Cole. I may have to do some voiceover rewrites, but other than that, I'm told it looks great. While I'm up there, there will also be a Northbridge meeting. Dylan is very excited about the prospective cast, which is coming together swimmingly. 

All in all, things are pretty good.