TIFF Update

Vancouver Film School has done a brief profile about Cole and my plans for the Toronto International Film Festival here.

Here is a full synopsis
of all the Canadian films at TIFF from their official website. Just let me say that I am proud, as an American, to be included in the Canadian lineup. No schedule released as of yet.

Also, here is a link to the Province, which has a nice blurb about Cole and a great picture of Verne Troyer (also a fellow Michigander!) with Terry Gilliam.

Things are busier than ever in Rewrite Land. Getting a Northbridge draft ready to send out to the Titlecard guys tomorrow, and shoring up the first draft of my heist spec with fellow (I've used "fellow" twice already in this post-- I need a break from writing) VFS grad Sean Minogue (who also happened to write the brilliant VFS profile).

Time to get back to it...