TIFF Write Up

The Toronto International Film Festival has published write-ups of all of this year's films on their website. Check out the nice little synopsis and critique they give Cole here.

A brief snippet:

Cole is an intense and insightful drama from director Carl Bessai and writer Adam Zang. Bessai turns his lens from his typical urban setting to more rural surroundings, and finds both beauty and pathos. Using the town of Lytton as a character itself, Bessai paints an authentic and honest portrait of small-town Canadian life. He also coaxes stirring performances from his cast: de Klerk and McClure anchor the film with their casual intimacy, while Forrester makes a strong debut as the young Rocket. But most searing is the go-for-broke performance by Willett, whose riveting and at times terrifying Bobby embodies the film's tension between hope and despair.