Sorry for the delay...

I'm still here! Been super busy in the past month with a new rewrite. With this new found prospective on things and after enjoying a beautiful 75 degree Seattle day, I have decided to abandon past journal posts and just focus on the here and now. Which leads us to... now.

I turned in my second official rewrite for Cole last Saturday. I even got paid! I ate some wild boar with the producers and played poker until 5am. I sat next to a lady who was a casting agent/model. The most brilliant thing I said all night was, "So... modeling... is it good?" And then I folded.

They're optimistic about getting this thing off the ground by the end of the summer. They're trying to attach Jeff Daniels to it now--the script is set in a small town in Michigan, Jeff Daniels is from a small town in Michigan... etc.

So yeah, the script has legs. Skinny legs, but legs all the same. The budget is small, but so are the settings, and it should look like a decent little indie flick when it's all said and done.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to ask and I will reply to the best of my ability. Thank you all and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Kenny Porter said...

Hey Adam, my name is Ken Porter and I'm a screenwriter from West Michigan. I've been studying it since I was a freshmen in high school and have spent years honing my craft. I took a break, but got back in the game recently by writing three specs and even breaking into comic book writing a little bit.

I saw the article about you on VFS's website and was glad to see a screenwriter from Michigan making it. Especially since you write the same type of stories I enjoy writing, people in small towns in Michigan, I guess there's just some sort of premise there we both love.

Anyway, do you really think VFS is worth it? From what the article says it sounds like it, but I wanted your personal opinion.

What part of Michigan are you from?

Drop me a line and let's talk sometime. I don't know many other screenwriters or people even interested in it around here. I'd love to just talk to someone about the writing aspect of film for a change.

My email is kp5767@hotmail.com