Miranda July...

I went to Miranda July's book reading/dance party at Neumo's in Seattle on Thursday. July wrote, directed, and starred in one of my favorite movies, Me and You and Everyone We Know. She seemed incrediably nervous the whole time. She read a hilarious story from her new book of short stories but her voice was shaky, almost unsure.

I bought a book and had her sign it. She had this overwhelmed look in her eyes, like she'd rather be anywhere but there... like maybe Idaho or Scotland. I couldn't figure out why and it seemed a little strange at the time.

After reading half of the book, I think I understand why she was so overwhelmed... she absolutely bares her entire being in these stories. It's like the stories are naked, and not only are they naked, but you can look at the nakedness with triple magnification. Now everyone that reads these stories can see her insides and maybe that's why she looked so uneasy at the reading--because she was anticipating the inevitable fact that everyone would soon know these things about her.

Anyway, the book is great. It's called No one belongs here more than you. Check it out sometime.