A polish...

After hoping to have a relaxing long weekend, I got an email this afternoon that I needed to have a "polish" on Cole done by Tuesday. I was planning on going to see Werner Herzog's new film at the Seattle International Film Festival, but I'm not complaining. This urgency means something good is about to happen, and maybe gives us a chance to start shooting by the end of the summer.

Here are my instructions for the polish:

1. We've reworked the dinner scene and need you to add some dialogue ending it with
the great VO about his family but now said out loud.
2. We want to amp the frogger/kenny scene after the **** a la good will hunting.
Frogger helps him start to realize he can leave.
3. We've done a lot of rearranging at the end and we've pulled all the voice over to
the bottom. Can you tighten everything up and alter the vo to fit the new order
and/or reinsert the stuff at the bottom. Basically a cleaning is needed.

And that's it. Back to work...


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