I turned in the official second draft for the feature script now formally known as Cole. The new working title is Ashcroft which is a small BC town in the interior that they are planning to film in. 

The coolest thing about this draft was that I knew what the characters met and spoke like since I got to meet most of the actors at the table read. I struggled with that a little bit at first--there definitely was an intimidation factor involved--but in the end, it turned out to be a big help and an even bigger motivator (I felt like I owed these people great dialogue, if that makes any sense at all). 

I do hope we can go back to the original title for the film, which was This Is What We Call Home. Doesn't Ashcroft first and foremost bring John Ashcroft to mind? Anyway, for the small amount of readers that this blog gets, I'd love to hear your thoughts on title thoughts and suggestions. 

As a refresher, here is the official synopsis for the film:  
When a talented high school graduate get the chance to escape from his small hometown, he must choose between helping his dysfunctional family and the promising future that lies for him beyond.