A wall hits...

I feel like I've been run over by a wall. I don't like to delve into too many personal things in this blog (mainly because they're just not interesting), but I had shoulder surgery on Monday to clean out some debris from my old high school baseball days. On top of that, I just got notes on Friday for a polish for Ashcroft. I enjoy zonking out on pain meds as much as the next person, but wanting to have a clear head to write as well to to be able to use my arm for everyday things again has put me in a little bit of a bad mood. 

I did get a chance to watch Teen Wolf last night with Jessica and that helped. 

Anyway, the polish so far has been a struggle. I'm at page 50, but the biggest changes are ahead. 


Anonymous said...

stick to your guns if you believe in it! I mean, you are the writer and whether or not its your first or fifty first script its your baby.

Course if the producers are telling you this it may be a different story.

I am very curious about how this goes...whats the budget? How longs the shoot?

When does the final draft have to be done?

Anonymous said...

Well written article.