Cole wrapped on Saturday! Jessica and I had a chance to visit the set in Lytton from Wednesday to Friday and even though the wind was gusting, the experience was wonderful. I'll put up pictures soon, and guess what? I have a cameo. I'm no Alfred Hitchcock--I just tried my best not to look at the camera. Pictures are coming soon...

The Vancouver Province ran an article about Cole this weekend. Click here to read it.

Also, I have an update on my imdb.com page. Click here to see what my next project is. Exciting times!


Cool Dad said...

Great to hear. Hope you make it into the final cut!

Going onto the set, did you already have extensive knowledge of what filming/production entails?

I have no experience in that area and I don't want that to hurt my writing efforts.

Zang said...

Hey CD--thanks for reading!

I really had no idea what filming/production entailed for a feature even though I have been on set for some short films. Your script does not depend on having to know anything about production either--I was always taught to never include any directions on the page (ie: Close up on face; Tracking shot as they stroll down the hall, etc...)

Good luck!

Cool Dad said...

Thanks, Adam! I've finished my first script, and I'm about to craft my next ideas.

When I was writing the first, I couldn't imagine doing another one. Now that I'm here, I'm all for it. I would be happy for writing to be my drug.