Cole & Rampart

Cole is everywhere! (sort of). Check out the website for Rampart Films. Rampart is co-producing Cole with Titlecard. You can check out trailers featuring Richard de Klerk, star of Cole. Have I mentioned Cole is a real movie? I feel like Max Fischer right now. 

Here is a poster for the film:

Did I mention I wrote this? Awesome.  


Cool Dad said...

Congrats on all the success, Adam! I'm an aspiring screenwriter, so following your journey has been encouraging. Thanks for all the updates - keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we were extras in your movie yesterday! My husband is the band teacher in Hope and arranged the marching band for the parade scene. We brought our small kids out with the wagon to watch the fake parade...over, and over again. What a cool way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing the finished work!!