Here are some cool pictures from the first two days of filming. You can also visit the movie's official website here

Carl Bessai, director extraordinaire, sets up for his first shot of the film. "May the critics not pan us," were his first words before saying "action."
Steven E. Miller (Professor Jackson) and Richard De Klerk (Cole) rehearse for their scene.

Richard and Kandyse McClure (Serafina) stroll through campus. The green pick-up is Cole's car for the film. 

Carl, Kandyse, Richard and Jack Forrester (Rocket) rehearse. 

Rehearsal comes to life. (Notice the color change in the blanket--they had to switch because their wardrobe didn't fit with a blue blanket. It looked like they had no legs and I did not write a movie about the legless.)

Richard and I listen to script supervisor Joecy tell a story about Tim Allen. Producer Jason James texts someone (but probably not about Tim Allen). 

Richard and Kandyse kiss for the first time. 


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